Vela & Sui Ling

Vela & Sui Ling

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Vela & Sui Ling

Chinese Tea ceremony and Indian Temple Ceremony

Cross Culture Wedding Marriage

Photography by Thomas Tam

totoro bride lipstick bride make up bride smiling bride wearing head veil

Mehendi groom preparation   bridesmaid helping hand

Bride wearing shoe Groom and groomsmaid pose Groom and groomsmaid Groom in style bridal in pose bride on veil bride parent veil covering bride unveiling smile door opening for groom groom stepping out from car groom arrival beautiful bridesmaid bridesmaid asking for angpow crowd from the house groom showing angpow groom surender hand bouquet showing amount of angpow showing angpow money groom entering house happily bridesmaid in the game bridesmaid groom in the game groom in the games hand sticking bridesmaid laugh bridesmaid laughing big groom and bridesmaid laugh groom laughing groom singing bride siting on the bed groom entered the room finally bride and groom laughing groom and bride hand shake groom kissing bride hand bride and groom kissing groom unveiling bride groom and bride coming down groom excited over bride bride and groom praying bride sisters laughing tea ceremony bride and groom accompanied by father bride getting into car bride and groom in the car bride in the car bride arrival

Indian wedding Ceremonyguestgroom waiving to guest

groom and groomsmaid march inblessing to groomgrom and groomsmaid laughingindian groom in the ceremonyputting red dot to groom foreheadtieing string not

aunt greets bride bless to bride by guest bless to bride close up blessing by guest bless blessing to parents bride walking to the stage bride received the bless bride march in bride got the ring bride family photo bride close up bride bend down for parent bless bride being greet guest bride and groom smilling  bride and groom photo blessing touch mum wearing floral necklace to daughter mother hug knee down to parent indian bride in ceremony groom wearing floral necklaces to bride.jpg groom march in groom family photo groom bend down to get blessing by parent going round couple with bridesmaid group photo bride wearing floral necklaces to groom bride walks in wearing flower bouquet wearing bracelet washing parents feets throwing rice to couple the laugh ring found with cheers red ink on brides hand putting ring to bride toe putting red dot on bride forehead praying parents and couple wearing ring on toe

bride and groom portrait


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