Survivor of War – 戰后林旋

Survivor of War – 戰后林旋

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When was the last time I had model shoot? December last year?!?!! OMG! I can’t believe being a photographer who love to have model shooting didn’t shoot model for about 9 months!!! I still cannot believe it..can’t believe it..

Ok. Leave nonsense behind, let’s come back to this album, with a title, Survivor of War. This idea was initially by my photo buddy, Mat, who had prepared the costume and equipment. Thanks to him.

The concept behind was to emphasis the survivor(model)’s moody feel as it was after war condition, yet to have some art feel on every single photos, color process with a bit yellowish sunset in darkness. To maintain the existing lighting scene and color enhanced with some of the photos to bring out the essence of the concept.

Specially thanks to our talented model, Lin Xuan(林旋). Having a pose in the abandoned building with a mess structure was not a comfort things to do. But she was doing just awesome in every single act. Really appreciated.

So, enjoy the photos, guys 🙂

Talent : Lin Xuan, 林旋
Photobuddy : Me, Mat and Brandon

eyes on knife girl behind umbrella girl hiding behind the wall girl hiding from enemy girl in shade girl in the builing girl in the forest girl in the sunset girl injured girl resting girl standing hopeless girl surrounded by toxic girl with backlit girl with mask girl with umbrella hiding hoping lonely girl looking at the future shadow silence survival girl survivor in a lost survivor waiting

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