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Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

You want to treasure the moment that changes your life. The moment you exchange rings of commitments, the moment you exchange promises in a kiss. the moment you shed tears of joy. I capture all of them. My name is Thomas Tam and I am a professional wedding photographer in Malaysia. Beautiful memories are created through my lens and you will go through your wedding knowing all the important moments are captured. 

Pre-Wedding Photography

Pre-Wedding Photography is now a trend that you cannot do without. A series of well choreographed studio or outdoor shots that fully showcase the beauty of brides to be and the handsome grooms to be. It's about the experience that you have, working together with the photographer for a shooting project will greatly enhance your relationships. When couples see the outcome of the photos and video products you know the smile on their faces are worth every second of your time. 


Maxtography is a photography studio owned by Thomas Tam, an experience wedding photographer that has taken the pre-wedding shooting sites to various locations in Malaysia. He also does the best wedding photography on the actual day and dinner with natural shots that does not interrupt your wedding like many amateur photographers do. Your wedding should be an experience that you remember a life time for seeing each other and cherishing the moments with your family. It's not about stopped by the photographer all the time just to have a better shot for him. Experienced photographers know where to stand and when to shoot, without intruding your wedding day.